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Welcome to Health Renew MD with Dr. Kathy Santoriello

Tired of not feeling yourself?  Tired of no sex drive?  Tired of weight gain?  Tired of foggy thinking?

 … or just plain TIRED!!!   These and other complaints can be signs of hormonal imbalance or nutritional deficiencies. Don’t just grab a prescription – get to the real problem.  Take a functional approach by identifying symptoms, imbalances and dysfunctions.

Our team of experts work from the inside-out to heal your metabolism, replenish nutrients, improve body composition, balance your hormones, improve sleep, improve libido, and more!   With a Board Certified Medical Director, our focus on lifestyle change and pharmaceutical-grade nutrient supplements, we  combine the best in medical care with complementary alternative therapies.  Let’s face it, our lifestyles and diet can cause many deficiencies that may lead to symptoms and the progression of disease.  Our goal is to provide information and resources to renew health, zest and vitality.

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Sleeplessness?    Many people think of sleeplessness as just an annoyance but the truth is lack of sleep can be hazardous to your health.  To learn more see Sleeplessness, Adrenal Fatigue, Stress Management, Menopause.

Tired, low libido?   Fatigue is a symptom and therefore can have many causes. To learn more see Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid Health, Sleeplessness, Low Sex Drive.


 Can’t lose weight?  There are many factors that can affect body weight including calories, portions, activity, hormones, and food choices. To learn more see Weight Gain and Lifestyle Modifications, Diet, Thyroid Health.

 Menopausal Symptoms?   Are “the changes” bothering you?  Relief is available.  To learn more see hot flashes/night sweats, low libido, mood swings, weight gain, foggy thinking, sleeplessness and vaginal dryness.


The hazards of modern living – chronic stress, poor eating habits, nutrient deficiencies and sedentary lifestyles – have the potential to shave years off our lives.  Retrain your body to age with grace and lose weight!  We have seen great results from nutritional supplements, hormone balancing and lifestyle modifications in our patients. We believe the human body, when provided with the right resources, is a great healer.

“It’s never too late to slow down the aging process, lose weight, stave off illness, and feel good!”

We’re here to help you “Live Longer – Live Better”.

Professional Brand Supplements:  Some of our exclusive formulas are available only to licensed health care professionals and required client registration for access to pricing and first time ordering.  Please complete the registration form in our store if you are a new patient.  To schedule an individual consultation with one of our providers please contact our office at (772) 419-0505

Supplement Pitfalls Revealed by Experts

Supplements can provide great resource to improve on nutritional deficiency and provide additional security for ailments.  However, not all supplements are the same.  As noted in the article by below, some manufacturers look only to profit not health and science. Researchers find significant amounts of pharmaceutical drugs hidden in various herbal supplements.  This is the reason we provide supplements for our patient at Health Renew.  We have researched and fully trust our suppliers.

We encourage all our readers to seek professional grade supplements when possible.  Companies like Xymogen, NuMedica, and Designs for Health all provide quality products.  You will be getting what you want and nothing more!

Read the article…


Dr. Alan Christianson – Avoiding Fake Olive Oil

Just when we thought we were doing things right – eating more olive oil, we now need to be sure it IS olive oil.

With all the FDA regulations, how can this happen?  When they approve GMO foods, pesticides, artificial ingredients, chemicals and more in our food, I guess we should not be surprised by false labeling too.  You need a PhD in food label analysis to eat healthy!  For the sake of our country and health care costs, this should be the easy part – eating healthy for those that are motivated to change.

Lucky for us we have the experts we trust at Health Renew MD to ensure you always get quality products that Do what they say they do and HAVE the ingredients they say they have.  Dr. Christianson provides some insight below:

Avoiding Fake Olive Oil

Decrease Cancer Risk by Increasing Vitamin D | Anti-Aging News

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