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Skin Care

Total Skin Transformation – Treating the Cause not the Symptoms

While broad-spectrum antibiotic creams may suppress symptoms of impure skin, and dermal collagen fillers may plump up fine lines and wrinkles, neither will treat the underlying cause of the skin’s decline. By contrast, SOPHYTOPRO targets the root cause of skin imbalances by changing its environment, to bring about longer-lasting and more effective results.

The unique approach offered by the SOPHYTOPRO product line represents the first truly natural approach to skin care.  These products are superior to anything else available, providing incredible results.

Dr. David Perlmutter, MD Author of Grain Bain and award-winning neurologist.

 I recommend SOPHYTOPRO as a great product for overall healthy living.

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD Author of The Blood Sugar Solution

I love that the formulations are based upon Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Western medicine and infused with all-natural ingredients and phytonutrients proven to have clinical results for improving the health and appearance of the skin.  Most importantly, the products are free of hormone-disrupting chemicals to keep your skin – and body – in perfect balance.

Dr. Natasha Turner, Naturopathic Doctor, Author of The Hormone Diet.

As a busy Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, I am frequently asked to evaluate skin care and cosmetics.  I have found the SOPHYTOPRO products to be as gentle and moisturizing as they are effective.  They are tolerated by all skin types, even those with extremely sensitive skin.  The patients quickly notice smoother, younger skin that continues to improve with time…  I recommend SOPHYTOPRO to all my patients as a means of augmenting surgical techniques.

Dr. Tom Flashmen, Hollywood Plastic Surgeon

Why Use SophytoPRO

pH-Balanced Bioactive Base

  • Each formula contains our unique pH-balanced bioactive base, which supports the natural functions of the skin.
  • pH balance is essential for all aspects of skin health from hydration and anti-aging on one end of the spectrum to blemish control on the other.
  • pH balance ensures optimum delivery and uptake of the nutrients supplied in each formula.

Whole-Food Skin Nutrition

  • Our skin care formulas contain whole-food nutrients from botanicals because studies have shown that the body is better able to absorb and utilize extracts of whole-food nutrients rather than isolated compounds, such as vitamin A or Coenzyme Q10.
  • Whole-food nutrients contain a complex of naturally balanced nutrients and helper nutrients, such as co-vitamins and minerals, that influence each other and work in complete harmony with the body. It is the combined presence of these bioactive ingredients – in a format the body recognizes – which makes them so effective.
  • To obtain vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, we routinely use extracts of blackcurrant. Renowned for its high concentration of vitamin C, blackcurrant also contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and potassium, which support the skin’s friendly flora to prevent congestion and breakouts as well as the fine lines and wrinkles associated with premature aging.
  • Synthetic vitamins and minerals are often discarded and unrecognized by cellular membranes and may increase the probability of overloading skin with excessive amounts of these elements.

Antioxidants: Secret to Anti-Aging

  • Oxidative damage caused by free radical exposure is responsible for up to 80% of skin aging. Quenching those reactive oxygen species (ROS) with antioxidants is the key to preventing and reversing the signs of premature aging, which include:
    fine lines & wrinkles | sagging | dull or withered
    complexion | hyperpigmentation | skin sensitivity or
    allergies | broken thread veins | scar tissue
  • We use only naturally occurring substances, involved in antioxidant processes, that help scavenge free radicals and minimize their damaging effects.

Cold-Pressed Oils

  • We use natural, pure-form substances that help preserve the moisture or water content of the skin.
  • Most dry skin lacks moisture rather than oil, thus humectants and moisturizers are needed instead of creams or oils. Some of these compounds have the ability to actively attract moisture from the air and hold onto it in the skin.
  • Skin needs to be occluded (covered) to help prevent water from evaporating from its deeper, moist layers.
  • The exceptionally high-quality, natural oils used in our products contain omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9, lipids, glycolipids, and phospholipids, all easily absorbed and utilized by skin cells to help skin repair and rejuvenate itself.
  • These oils have a very low molecular weight, do not tend to clog pores, and possess deep cleansing and purifying agents. They allow your body to function normally to prevent and clear blemishes, making them suitable for all skin types.
  • Skin requires equal amounts of both water and oil in order to function in a healthy manner: water hydrates the skin and oil prevents the water from evaporating.

Why is Our Skin Care Gluten Free

Over the years, more and more individuals have developed a sensitivity to gluten, usually through digestion. Researchers at George Washington University recently confirmed that gluten-sensitive individuals experienced symptoms after applying gluten topically. Symptoms included itching, redness, rashes, dryness, and other skin/scalp problems. When topical application of the gluten ceased, the symptoms readily improved. The skin is an extensive, semi-permeable membrane that actively absorbs many chemicals to which it is exposed. This is why gluten-sensitive individuals should avoid gluten-containing hair or skin care products.

Moreover, after reading neurologist and nutritional expert Dr. David Perlmutter’s discussion on the effects of gluten on brain vitality and function in his book Grain Brain, you will see why we’ve chosen to make our products gluten free.


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