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Buy directly from Xymogen


Xymogen has many additional products that you may be interested to learn about and purchase. For your convenience, we have arranged for our patients to have direct ordering through the Xymogen website. You will need the health professional's name (Santoriello or Crighton) and passcode we can provide you by calling our office at 772-419-0505, Jacqueline Crighton directly on 772-708-3217.

Since we are unable to keep a large stock of products in our office, we usually order on a weekly basis. You may call our office and we are happy to order specific products for you to be picked up in our office to avoid shipping costs.

Steps on how to order through XYMOGEN’s online store (once you’ve received the passcode).

1. Go to

2. Click on sign in

3. Under the “New Users” title, select the “Patient” button

4. Being a new patient and not having an account with XYMOGEN, select “NO” and enter the code provided by your practitioner as well as the practitioner’s last name. Then

click “submit”.

a. Code: To be provided by calling the office at 772-419-0505 or via the patient portal.

b. Practitioner’s Last Name: Santoriello or Crighton

Keep in mind, the code is case sensitive. Once you have submitted that information, proceed to enter in a user name and password. When that is completed you will have full access to our e-store for online ordering.

Steps on how to process order

1. After selecting the products recommended and adding them to your cart, select “Checkout”

2. Enter in a shipping location and billing information

3. Enter method of payment information and continue

4. Confirm order before checking off the terms and conditions box. Changes to order cannot be made after submitting order

5. Click on “Place order” to submit to XYMOGEN.

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