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Anti Aging / Prevention

Life expectancy is now 81 years.  Those who are already age 50, have survived pediatric diseases and adolescent accidents.  Their remaining life expectancy is 90 or greater.  Dr. Santoriello and Health Renew MD believe we can influence aging and ensure a productive and fulfilling life no matter how long it may be.  We encourage you to be proactive and look at all opportunities to improve your health and avoid disease.

Aging typically means negative changes both physically and mentally.  Just when we accumulate experience, wisdom, and perhaps economic comfort, debilitating conditions ruin the chance to enjoy ourselves.  At Health Renew MD, we believe disease is NOT inevitable with age.  Aging is not an episodic process: rather, it is the consequences of a continuum of cumulative damage occurring at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels.  The rate of aging rests on factors, internal and external, that can either positively or negatively influence the balance between tissue preservation or repair, and damage. Traditional medicine is phenomenal at recognizing and diagnosing disease states.  Likewise insurance companies recognize diseases and can be billed to assist in the management of them.  Unfortunately, prevention is still not fully recognized.  We recognize that it is up to the patient to seek out prevention, to alter the course of aging, and to not accept the inevitable.  Today, many of the biomarkers of aging can be measured, monitored and improved through lifestyle changes and supplementation.  Dr. Santoriello and her team are always available for comprehensive gynecological office consultation.  Always takes steps to improve your lifestyle and take a good multivitamin (ActivNutrients or ActivEssentials) and fish oil (Omega Pure) supplement.

Functional Skin Care involves providing the skin with everything it needs for total skin transformation.  Not only do we want to feel young, we want to look young.  The skin is our largest organ and, it too, needs help to maintain its ability to restore and renew.  Oxidative damage caused by free radical exposure is responsible for up to 80% of skin aging.  Quenching those reactive oxygen species with antioxidants is the key to preventing and reversing the signs of premature aging.

Our skin performs seven important functions:

  • Absorption:  Skins permits substances like water & oxygen to pass through its tissues.
  • Excretion:  Skin facilitates removal of toxins from the body through its pores.
  • Hydration:  Skin contains water to keep itself soft and supple.  It secretes sweat and an oily sebaceous fluid that maintains skin’s natural moisture balance.
  • Protection:  Skin shields that body from environmental aggressors such as heat, cold, and pathogenic bacteria.
  • Regulation:  Skin helps regulate body temperature.
  • Respiration:  Skin takes in oxygen through its pores and releases carbon dioxide.
  • Sensation:  Nerve endings located just under the outer layer of the skin make us aware of cold, heat, pain, and pleasure.

While broad-spectrum antibiotic creams may suppress symptoms of impure skin, and dermal collagen fillers may plump up fine lines and wrinkles, neither will treat the underlying cause of the skin’s decline. By contrast, SOPHYTOPRO targets the root cause of skin imbalances by changing its environment, to bring about longer-lasting and more effective results.  By understanding the science behind optimal skin function, these products succeed in returning the skin to an environment that encourages its innate mechanisms for restoration and renewal.

Supplements and skin care products to consider:

Vitamin D3 (Liquid)– our favorite preventive vitamin!  See article on Vitamin D Deficiency.  Also available in tablets.

CoQmax CF – coQ 10 is a powerful antioxidant that has the important responsibility of producing cellular energy.  CoQ 10 is reduced by aging, clinical conditions, low energy syndromes and medications (especially cholesterol lowering statin drugs). Taking this supplement will counter this effect.

Resveratin  Plus – powerful antioxidant support, produces changes associated with longer lifespan, supports cardiovascular/neurological health and anti-inflammatory.  Resveratrol is a plant substance that can fight disease.

Green Tea – praised for its high content antioxidants, green tea has varied medicinal benefits: improves alertness, inhibits cancerous cells, kills unhealthy bacteria, lowers LDL cholesterol, may encourage weight loss, regulates blood sugar levels and restricts growth of unhealthy blood clots.

Brain Sustain & Brain Sustain for Kids – Dr. Perlmutter’s formula designed to enhance brain performance and promote brain health

I-Sight – for eye health

Liver Protect – a liver and hepatic protective formula which can play a significant for in detoxification, support antioxidant activity regenerate other antioxidnats and promote healthy immune function.

DHEA Plus– the most common steroid hormone in the body and is mainly produced by the adrenal glands.  Natural DHEA production is at its highest in your twenties:  by the time we reach seventy we only make about 20% of the DHEA we had when we were young.   Studies have shown that DHEA displays significant positive results in areas such as the regulation of insulin, cortisol and immune activities, cardiovascular protection, anti-dementia, bone stimulation, antibacterial activities, energy, and well being.

7-Keto DHEA – 7-Keto DHEA is a natural metabolite of DHEA.  It has been reported as decreasing cholesterol levels, reducing obesity, increasing muscle mass and slowing the aging process.    Unlike DHEA, which is a precursor of the sex hormones estrogen and androgen, 7-Keto DHEA is an end product and cannot produce sex hormones.  7-Keto DHEA has been shown to be effective in short-term weight-loss trials when used as part of a controlled diet and exercise routine.

28 Day Detoxification Plan – this is not a bowel cleanse but a “metabolic” cleanse to help your body’s systems re-align and start working the way they were intended.  You’ll feel the difference!


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