Overall Muscle Conditioning

Overall Muscle Conditioning Program

Weightlifting Exercises by Major Muscle Group

    Lower Body Muscle Groups

  1. Quad Exercises
  2. Hamstring Exercises
  3. Calf Exercises

Upper Body Muscle Groups

  1. Chest Exercises
  2. Back Exercises
  3. Shoulder Exercises
  4. Tricep Exercises
  5. Bicep Exercises
  6. Forearm Exercises
  7. Trap Exercises
  8. Ab Exercises

What you will need:

1. Free weights, bands, body resistance – Everyday household items may be used for weight – used milk jugs filled with water or sand turns into a dumbbell with a handle!

3. A notebook/exercise log to record your repetitions and amount of resistance for each exercise. WORKOUT CHART

Workout Emphasis:             Burning fat, improve lean body mass and developing a toned body.

Workout Frequency:           3-4 times a week.

Number of Repetitions:       8-10 per set (30 for abdominal exercises)

The Exercises

  • Chest – bench press, push ups, wall push ups (8-10 repetitions)
  • Back – seated rows, bent over one arm row, back extension (8-10 repetitions)
  • Biceps – standing biceps curl (8-10 repetitions)
  • Calves – seated calf raises (8-10 repetitions)
  • Shoulders – seated shoulder press, lateral shoulder raises (8-10 repetitions)
  • Triceps – seated triceps extensions. bent over one-arm triceps extension, arms dips or standing push downs with bands (8-10 repetitions)
  • Thighs – squats, lunges, seated wall hold, leg presses (8-10 repetitions).
  • Abdominals – crunch, leg raises, band crunches (30 repetitions)

How to Perform

  1. Select a weight that makes it challenging to do your 8-10 repetitions (30 for abdominals).  Once you can do 14 repetitions, add weight/resistance.  You want work you muscles hard – use enough weight to challenge yourself.
  2. Do 1 set of 8-10 repetitions per exercise. Rest 1:30 seconds between exercises or 5 minutes of cardio e.g. jogging/jumping jacks.
  3. Record the amount of repetitions and resistance (wt) you achieved for each exercise.
  4. For cardio, you can jog in place, jumping jacks, jump rope, march, walk, bike, row, etc.
  5. Adding 5 minutes of cardio in between these exercises or 20 minutes before/after these exercises increases the caloric expenditure of this routine, keeps your heart rate up throughout the routine and will promote greater calorie burning.
  6. Perform this workout for 6 weeks. This workout will empower you to build confidence and a workout habit. Now your body and mind will be ready for even better results.

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