Helpful Tips / Tools / Tests

Below are some tips, tools, tests and programs to renew your health and vitality!

General information / Tips (double click on the article below to open):

  1. Tips to Boost Your Metabolism
  2. Stretching Is Important
  3. Guideline to Glycemic Index of Foods
  4. 3 Minute Relaxation Technique
  5. Goal Setting
  6. Evaluating Your Body Fat
  7. Pelvic Floor Therapy Brochure PDF
  8. Tips to Apply Creams
  9. Hormone Balancing


  1. Rating of Perceived Exertion Scale – How hard do I exercise?
  3. Stress Inventory – Are you at risk for illness?
  4. Vitamin D Prev Chart
  5. Breast Self Exam
  6. Bladder Diary

Tests and Procedures

  1. Iodine Spot Test
  2. 24 hour Iodine Challenge Test (Contact our office to pick up your kit
  3. Nutrient Testing