Vaginal Dryness

According to the North American Menopause Society, “During their life, at least one-third of all women will experience some troubling symptoms in the vulvovaginal area (external female genitals and vagina). These symptoms range in severity from mildly annoying to debilitating!  Symptoms include vaginal discharge, irritation, burning, dryness, itchiness, and pain”.  Recurrent urinary tract infections and cystitis are common complications of dryness or atrophy (due to lack of estrogen hormone).

The good news is you can fix this!  But before assuming your symptoms are only attributed to deficiencies and imbalances of menopause, other conditions should be ruled out.  It’s always a good idea to schedule a visit with a qualified gynecologist for an accurate diagnosis. A pelvic exam allows your doctor to evaluate the vulva and vagina; certain screening tests (a Pap test, pH evaluation, or biopsy) may be ordered as well.

Once you’ve ruled out infection, sexually transmitted disease, allergies, medication side effects, trauma and cancer, you might consider probiotics, lubricants, stress reduction, dilation program or even vaginal rejuvenation with a VOTIVA treatment (see below and  For the majority of women, however, a menopause-related decline in estrogen is usually the cause of vaginal dryness (technically called vaginal atrophy or atrophic vaginitis). This condition is experienced by roughly 70 to 80 percent of all post-menopausal women.  A drop in estrogen leads to dryness and thinning of cells in the vagina and genital area.  This leaves the vagina, vulva and rectum more susceptible to infection and trauma from minor activity as attempted intercourse or even wiping.

What you can do?

You may want to try over the counter lubricants but to get to the core of the problem you will need to boost your estrogen levels.  Make an appointment to discuss our hormone balancing program or other hormone replacement options (e.g. vaginal estrogen cream – 2-Renew Estriol Cream).  To help naturally boost your estrogen levels and help alleviate menopausal symptoms you may wish to try Menopausal Support.  We have also seen great results from our I-Sight product which helps lubricate and improve eye health and provides an extra bonus by lubricating other areas!

NOW Introducing VOTIVA…  to improve vaginal laxity, ability to orgasm, sensation, vaginal atrophy, lubrication and stress urinary incontinence

VOTIVA is a safe and comfortable in-office treatment that can address both internal and external vaginal health issues without surgery.  VOTIVA uses radiofrequency energy addressing laxity and increasing collagen levels to create a more youthful appearance and greater comfort.

The ability to stimulate elastin and collagen production is a vital element of this device’s success.  VOTIVA restores collagen, elasticity and can stimulate pelvic floor muscles to help with leaking.  Whether your changes were caused by childbirth, menopause or the mere passing of years, you can see your form and function restored with just three comfortable treatments.

VOTIVA is one of the most effective methods of nonsurgical vaginal renewal available today. This comfortable procedure takes just a few minutes to complete, and you are back to your regular activities right away.  Our patients often notice the improvement immediately following their initial treatment, although further rejuvenation will continue to occur in the weeks following your procedure. No more dryness, discomfort and embarrassment over how you look or feel.

“I could tell a difference after my very first treatment.”

If you suffer from dryness, laxity, painful sensations, leaking or lowered sexual interest VOTIVA is perfect for you.  VOTIVA can also address elasticity and wrinkled appearance of the labia and vulva along with other tissue remodeling therapies available in our office.

You no longer need to feel embarrassed by your vaginal issues thanks to vaginal therapy options by board-certified MD, Dr. Kathy Santoriello and her team at our gynecology office.  Contact our office to schedule an office visit to discuss your intimate concerns with one of our providers 772-419-0505.

VOTIVA packages start at $2,650 for a series of 3 treatments.  Payment options available that include cash, check, credit card and CareCredit® financing.

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