Hormone Balancing Program

The aging process starts to get our attention at about the age of 30-35 when the hormonal balance begins to shift.  As these hormonal changes progress, we look and feel older, we lose muscle bulk/tone and gain fat particularly around the middle.  Our blood lipids change and our sex drive diminishes.  Today, many of the biomarkers of aging can be measured, monitored and improved through lifestyle changes and supplementation.

Our Hormone Balancing Program is a preventative medical approach designed to integrate bio-identical hormone supplementation, exercise, diet, proper nutritional supplementation, and stress reduction to achieve optimal health.  Our program offers a physician managed hormone replacement program with individualized lifestyle counseling.  The goal of our program is to provide a comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment to renew health, zest and vitality.

We thoroughly assess every patient through hormone testing, a complete medical history, and physical exam.  We then individually prescribe a unique hormone treatment and appropriate lifestyle enhancement strategies.  We continue to monitor your hormone system through periodic testing, symptoms and patient communication to ensure optimal levels are achieved.  Optimizing the body from the inside out takes time, patience, compliance, and commitment.  We look forward to working with you to develop a healthy aging plan.

By appointment only 772-419-0505

Cost:  Although office visits ($200) may be covered by your insurance the cost of testing, hormones, and supplements is not.


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