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Weight Management / Metabolism Healing Programs

When it comes to weight loss, there is no such thing as ONE SIZE FITS ALL.   We provide a variety of strategies to achieve long term weight management.  Our focus is to develop a lifestyle nutrient program, develop target caloric zones, and provide education for making successful food choices with the emphasis on permanent change while still enjoying life!  Healthy eating habits begin as far back as childhood.  Food preferences, tastes and meal frequency habits start developing in our early years.  Bad habits and choices will lead to many health issues and damage your body’s metabolic functions.  A weight management program teaches you how to eat healthier to improve your body’s natural ability to function and helps you develop lifelong habits of self control.

 What makes our program different?  Our program is supervised by a medical practitioner.   All strategies are tailored to your current health conditions including metabolic syndrome with a focus to heal your metabolism.  Program targets obesity and metabolic syndrome factors that may contribute to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and other conditions.   We use the results of metabolic testing, body composition analysis and laboratory tests to identify nutrient deficiencies, medical concerns, and hormonal imbalance to develop individualized goals and objectives. 

Step 1             Schedule an appointment to see one of our providers. Initial consultation, review of medical history, previous test or lab results – additional tests may be required.  Discuss program options.

Step 2             Body composition analysis, lab review, instructions & meal planning to start program selected.

Step 3             Weekly weigh-ins and visit with nurse.

Step 4             Follow-up with provider every two weeks.  Food/weight loss diary review and progress.

 Program Options                   (All medical visits will be billed to your insurance)

HCG Metabolic Protocol       This is not a magic pill. This program takes substantial self-discipline to achieve success.  Includes the use of HCG, vitamins, minerals, probiotic and digestive enzymes along with a very low calorie diet for 30 days plus a 30 day maintenance period ($385 for products + the cost for visits).

28 Day Cleanse                      This plan incorporates very high quality, clinically tested functional shakes that contain ingredients to support healthy body composition and the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms.  Highly encouraged to kick off your weight loss ($350 includes biotransformation formula for 28 days). + 30 day maintenance period.

Target Caloric Zones            This self-managed program begins with complete metabolic profile testing.  Your provider will use target caloric zones and meal planning specific to your needs and goals.  Maintenance visits encouraged as needed. (for costs see below).

Artisan Bistro Pro Meals       Quick, affordable and easy solution that helps you comply with food requirements.  These pre-packaged meals were scientifically developed by leading health practitioners.  All natural, organic, sustainable, GMO-free and preservative- free ingredients.  Visit enter practitioner CODE 392627 for Dr. Kathy Santoriello to place your order.

 ** All weight management visits with providers are $100 or can be billed through your insurance.  Most programs require at least two follow-up visits with provider along with metabolic testing ($75 if not covered by insurance).  All products are NOT covered under insurance.  Self-pay rate for HCG program is $685 once established.

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