Weight Management / Metabolism Healing Programs

There is NO such thing as ONE SIZE FITS ALL! A variety of strategies are available to achieve long term weight management. Our focus is to develop a lifestyle nutrient program and teach you how to eat healthier to improve your body’s natural ability to function for permanent success.

What makes our programs different?

Programs are supervised by a medical practitioner. All strategies are tailored to your current health conditions with a focus to heal your metabolism. Depending on the program you choose, we use the results of body composition analysis, meal planning and tests to identify nutrient deficiencies, medical concerns, and hormonal imbalance to develop individualized goals & objectives.

Step 1 Schedule an appointment. Initial consultation, review of medical history, previous test or lab results – additional tests may be required. Discuss program options.

Step 2 Body composition analysis, lab review, instructions to start program selected.

Step 3 Bi-Weekly weigh-ins with medical assistant.

Step 4 Follow-up with provider.

Program Options (All provider visits can be billed to your insurance if applicable)

Detox Renewal Kit to start healing you Metabolism

By supporting detoxification pathways as well as healthy elimination with targeted nutrition, the body may be better able to neutralize reactive chemicals and rid itself of damaging molecules. This 6 day detox program is designed to renew and enhance the body’s cleansing and detoxification capabilities to help heal your metabolism. Recommended prior to weight loss or hormone balancing programs. ($144)

Target Zone Eating  – Intermittent fasting

The metabolic improvements can be significant for life long success with intermittent fasting! This scheduled eating plan helps burn stored fat as the primary energy source, diminish hunger levels, re-sculpt the body and protect lean muscle without necessarily cutting calories. (Multiple options – 30 day program supplements may cost $250-350)

Ketogenic Diet

This eating plan focuses on eating whole foods and will change the fuel that your body uses primarily to fat.  This plan can help reduce cardiac risk factors and cancer prevention.  If you adhere to this diet, you will lose pounds and inches.  Your will experience improved energy levels, better blood sugar control and better blood pressure control.  Most patients describe having nearly unlimited energy throughout the day.  (supplements may be used to help transition to this eating plan – multivitamins, exogenous ketones etc. $150)

HCG Metabolic Protocol may be requested with provider approval.  ($385 for products + the cost for 3 visits)

** All weight management visits with providers are $100 or can be billed through your insurance. Most programs require at least two follow-up visits with provider. All supplements are NOT covered under insurance. 

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