Low Sex Drive

A decrease in libido, or low sex desire can affect men and women at all ages of their life cycle.  The causes of low libido can be related to medical conditions, medications, and psychological causes.  While sexual feelings and desire decrease with aging in both females and males, the change is very individualized for everyone with some individuals experiencing a marked decline in libido while others notice slight or no change in their “sex drive.”  It is important to be aware of any medications and medical conditions that can affect your libido and discuss these with your health care provider.  The natural decline in your sex hormones, Menopause for women and Andropause for men, can cause you to have a decreased libido as can a lifestyle of stress.  A clinical evaluation can help you identify underlying causes.

Some suggestions to increase your libido include:

  • Balanced lifestyle that includes exercise, a healthy weight, and a balanced diet
  • Open communication with your partner about your needs and theirs
  • Hugging, yes hugging your partner more often releases a hormone in your body called Oxytocin – the same hormone that you release when you have an orgasm
  • Stress reduction – Relax, Breath, and take care of yourself
  • Consider supplements that can actually increase your libido such as;
    • LibidoStim-F – a complex formulary blend of nutraceutical and herbal ingredients for the increase of female sexual desire and pleasure
    • Functional Femalepowerful blend of nine synergistic ingredients designed to help support healthy hormone metabolism in women.  Additionally, the select ingredients in this formula have been proven clinically effective in supporting sexual health and energy, promoting healthy cortisol levels and providing dopamine support.
    • Testosterone supplementation (by appointment only or discuss with your health care practitioner)
  • Optimal Stimulation Shot – Oh so good!  This injection uses your very own plasma rich protein to rejuvenate the tissue around the clitoris.
  • VOTIVA – total vaginal rejuvenation to improve tissue, sensation and vaginal dryness.

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