Diet soda dangers linked to postmenopausal women

Not a surprise that diet soda is NOT the way to go!  With all the challenges facing post menopausal women, why further stress the body by drinking diet soda.

According to the article link below, “while these soft drinks are heavily marketed as a ‘healthier alternative’ to their sugar-filled counterparts, increasing amounts of scientific data indicate that diet sodas – filled with artificial sweetener and other unpronounceable chemicals – increase the risk for health problems ranging from heart disease to depression.”

When is comes to diet, we understand no one is perfect.  We are fortunate to have a built in safety net called the liver.   The liver’s job is to clean up and dispose of toxins that accumulate in the body.  For this amazing organ to continue to work, it needs certain nutrients and a reasonable work load.  In order to not overwork your liver, be kind… eat those “non-perfect” foods in moderation to minimize exposure to toxins and chemicals.  The best security blanket is to keep the liver healthy to do its job to clean up our body.  Our Liver Support Formula can provide the essential nutrients to help!  We also encourage a Spring and Fall clean up with our 6-day Detox Kit.  The body is an amazing thing and will continue to look after you if you look after it!

Source: Diet soda dangers linked to postmenopausal women | NaturalHealth365