Breast Cancer – It got me… Healing and My Security Blanket Supplement

When I started my career as an exercise physiologist, I enjoyed working in preventive medicine helping cardiac patients renew and improve their lives after heart attacks and open heart surgeries.  Many patients claimed, “They never felt better in their lives”.  This was the start of my journey to look at the whole person and not just follow medical protocols with only pharmaceutical/surgical options.  A functional approach to medicine led me to emphasize diet, exercise, stress management and good sleep in all my work environments even back in the 1980’s.

Since working in Women’s Health with Dr. Kathy Santoriello, I’ve learned that the body is a complicated system that needs nutrients/hormones to perform correctly.  I’ve also learned that our food supply is not what it used to be.  Not only are our foods not providing the right amount of nutrients, our body’s are so bombarded with toxic exposures that they need even more support to absorb and get nutrients where they need to be.  This led me to start Health Renew to provide an avenue for patients to get more information (due to the limited amount of time you can spend with a doctor these days) and give them access to good quality, doctor- approved supplements.  Although, my main job is to manager the medical practice, my passion is to further develop Health Renew.


In January 2014, I noticed a small shadow under my right breast while combing my hair.  At first I thought it was just the way my pocket light over the mirror was reflecting on the breast.  I work in a gynecology practice so you’d think I’d get one of our providers to take a look ASAP.  Well… I’ve always had dense/lumpy breasts and had faithfully had my mammograms since I turned 40.  Unfortunately, I waited till February to finally get my annual exam in my office.  The lump was odd – not very suspicious with my other dense breast tissue.  I waited a week to get my mammogram and ultrasound.  By the time I returned to the office, Dr. Santoriello had received the results and was sitting in my office: CAT 5 – very probably malignant.  I was immediately schedule to see Dr. Denise Sanderson the next day, Valentine’s Day.  Dr. Santoriello personally took me and both doctors were so responsive and concerned while Dr. Sanderson immediately took a biopsy.  They throughly explained that my mammogram alone (being so dense) did not show much but the ultrasound (which was ordered at the same time because I found a lump) provided much more clarity of the situation (but is often not paid for by insurance for women with dense breasts only if they find a lump).  Their faces showed me that this was CANCER but my official report didn’t come back till February 18th, 2014, my little sister’s birthday.   The results: STAGE II invasive lobular cancer of the right breast.  I was lucky!!

Within 4 weeks I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.  I then started Tamoxifen and finally had a full hysterectomy in August 2014 because my uterine lining was growing and already was lumpy, bumpy.  It’s been a few years and I am finally ready to talk about WHY ME?

I’ve been obsessed with learning about cancer while I struggled with the use of Tamoxifen and now Arimidex.  I was lucky not to have to choose about radiation and especially chemotherapy because the more I read and studied the more I was convinced that treating the cancer should include prevention and fixing my own internal weakness that allowed cancer to take hold in the first place.  Well I have been able to find many knowledgeable cancer prevention advocates.  With everything I’ve researched the basis of cancer comes down to your own body mutating due to its inability to handle its toxic load from the environment or the lack of resources (nutrients) within your body to handle this toxic load.  So for me its about nutrition, stress management, and my body’s ability to detoxify and that’s where my long-term prevention strategy begins.  Join me on November 21st 6pm at the Blake Library, Trustees Conference Room to learn more.

FREE Learn about Detoxification Seminar 11-21-2019

October being “Breast Cancer Awareness” month, I want to share with you my security blanket and my most favorite supplement XenoProtX by Xymogen.  This formula was developed by a doctor who treat breast cancer patients but for use by all patients.  It provides all the necessary nutrients to support your body’s ability to manage and eliminate excess estrogens and detox from your exposure to xenoestrogens and other toxins.  This comprehensive formula designed to support the detoxification of environmental pollutants, endocrine disruptors, estrogen metabolites, xenoestrogens, and other toxins.  This product and the company that makes it are fantastic.  If you wish to access our products please call me 772-708-3217 or email me at to join us.  Jacqueline Crighton – learning to live better with quality nutrients.

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